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Today I am home with my family enjoying a holiday.  I only can do this because of brave people like my Grandpa (in the picture above) who served country in the military.  On this Memorial Day, I honor and remember people like him, especially those families who have lost loved ones due to war.  However, also on this day I am imagining like John Lennon.  I don’t think he had kingdom thoughts in mind when he penned his lyrics, but I do know he is not the first to dream like this.

My wife (Sarah) and I have decided to spend the next foreseeable future reading Isaiah 11:1-9 together everyday.  I love this passage.  The prophet, much like the Beatle, is imagining a new world.  Isaiah is imagining God’s world.  It’s a world where soldiers like my Grandpa never have to be soldiers.  They can just be father’s, son’s, wive’s, mother’s, husband’s.  It’s a world where there is no more war, no more oppression, no more pain, no more hurt, no more soldiers.  It is the kingdom of God and in his beautiful poetry, the prophet gives us a glimpse of that world.

Imagine a world where my Grandpa was never a soldier.  Instead, he got to just be a husband, father, and the world’s best Grandpa.  He never had the pain, fear, and nightmares that come with the chaos that we have created in this world.  Today, I remember and honor.  But, I also pray.  I pray for God’s kingdom, for God’s future world imagined by the prophet, to come.  And I hope to live my life in such a way that makes that world a reality now.

Today, remember, honor, celebrate, play, and pray.  “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

Come, Lord Jesus, come quickly!

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