Tweetable Moments with Randy Harris

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I’m just coming off of a contemplative minister’s retreat with Randy Harris and about a dozen fine ministers. Wow! This was a refreshing, fulfilling, enlightening, and stretching retreat. I have been blessed by all of these folks. Of course, if you’ve ever spent time with Randy Harris, you know that when he speaks, you should listen. Everything he says is “tweetable”. I frantically took notes as he spoke, and I’m processing those now. I thought I’d share with you some of the one-liners from Randy that really stuck out to me. Hope it blesses you as it has me.

“Doing small things year after year is how the kingdom of God comes.”

“Some people are born on third base and think they hit a triple.”

“Academics are the easiest to seduce. Preachers next. Contemplatives are the hardest because it’s you and God, and you always are a loser in that one.”

“Quit multi-tasking.”

“We want the Jesus rhythm. He’s with people, he’s alone. You don’t want to trust a minister who can’t be alone, or one who can’t be with people.”

“Try putting God on your schedule and see what is important enough to knock him off of the schedule.”

“The mind is like a child. Take away its toys and it goes nuts.”

“Preachers are a weird combination of arrogance, narcissism, and insecurity.”

“Distraction is the number one detriment to our spiritual lives. There is no close second worth even considering.”

Thank you Randy and others for making this retreat a possibility. I have been blessed beyond words.

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