I’d Love You All Over Again

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Today is a special day for me. Ten years ago I married the most incredible woman in the world. We were just two young kids who thought we knew everything. Looking back, it is hard to believe how everything came together and how much fun this adventure has been.

There are many things I love about Sarah, and those things have changed and evolved over the last ten years. It started with her eyes and her beauty. I still remember the first night I met her and how big and beautiful those blue eyes were.

Wedding photo

Then it morphed into loving her personality. I had never met a girl who was so funny and fun to be around. After awhile, I fell in love with her spirit. She was kind, tender hearted, and cared deeply about others. Then I saw her become a mother and I thought there was nothing more I could learn about how amazing this woman really was.

Sarah & Boys

Sarah & Katherine

As the years have unfolded, I still love these things about her, but I’m also learning something new about her that makes me love her all the more.

I think there are many ways people see and experience God. I grew up in a faith tradition that taught me the only way God is revealed to you is through Scripture. I greatly appreciate my heritage and the way they taught me to love and value Scripture, but I think the revelation of God comes in many ways. I still see God in Scripture, but I also have learned to see him in his creation. Whenever I see the beauty and power of this magnificent world, I see God. One of the ways I see God the most is in other people. And this is what I’m learning to love most about Sarah.

Sarah has taught me a bit about what God looks like. She loves me unconditionally; no strings attached and just because she has chosen to, she loves me. She is quick to forgive, she is slow to anger, she sees the best in others, and she puts me and the kids ahead of herself so often. When I see Sarah, I see a bit more about what God looks like. And so I’m learning the thing that I love most about Sarah that is beyond beauty, though she is quite the looker!

China Pic
One of my favorite pics from China in 2009.

So happy anniversary to my smoking hot wife of ten years! I can’t wait to celebrate with you next summer, your favorite time of year. I’m thinking today about the words of Alan Jackson’s song when he sings about a ten year anniversary and says, “I’d love you all over again”. If tomorrow I found another chance to begin again with you Sarah, I’d love you all over again. Thanks for being an incredible wife, and an incredible mother to our children. I pray God give us all many more wonderful years together.

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