A Big Hairy Mess

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Just a personal post, to vent and complain. And perhaps to share a valuable lesson I learned today.

I’m not a big DIY guy. Today confirmed why. I got tired of paying Petsmart $60 or more dollars to give the dog a hair cut and a bath. How hard could it be? I’ve got clippers, I can do this. Famous last words. In my mind it would be just like cutting grass. The difference is, grass doesn’t move, and grass doesn’t chase bees, and my lawn mower is much more powerful than my hair clippers (which I may have ruined by the way). Now there is dog hair up to my eyeballs, and I may have traumatized the dog for life. Not to mention she looks like she got a hair cut with a flint knife.

Bailey's Hair
This is only a portion of the hair. I won’t post a picture of the dog to protect the innocent.

I always feel pressure to do my own projects. Replace my own floor, remodel my own kitchen, etc. I’m a man, I should be able to do these things. My brother and dad do this stuff, but for some reason I can’t. I can cut grass, I can kill weeds, I can tear stuff up, but anything else should be left to the professionals.

So, time is money they say. Now I’m trying to calculate the value of the 3 hours I killed, and the value of the stress I created for myself. Bottom line, DIY is over rated. There is a reason there are professionals in this world.

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