The Rescued Rescuers

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“The loving purpose of God, working through the sin-forgiving death of Jesus, frees us from the power of the ‘present evil age,’ so that we may be part of God’s new age, his new creation, launched already when Jesus rose from the dead, awaiting its final completion when he returns, but active now through the work of the rescued rescuers, the redeemed human beings called to bring redeeming love into the world – the justified justice-bringers, the reconciled reconcilers, the Passover People.”

– N.T. Wright in The Day the Revolution Began

I’m closing in on the end of Wright’s new book, and this paragraph was just too good not to share. God’s promised future, where all things find their restoration and completion in Christ, is coming. But, we who belong to Jesus – the baptized people, the Passover People- we belong to that future now. Therefore, we live lives now as if that future is already a reality. We live lives now that seek God’s reconciliation, redemption, and restoration. We are the rescued rescuers, the reconciled reconcilers.

You want to know what evangelism looks like in the 21st century? The same thing it did in the first. The redeemed people of God living into their vocation of bearing God’s image to the world. It’s not just about imparting information to people, not just about standing up and preaching, not just about sharing a packaged set of beliefs to get someone to subscribe to them. Rather, it’s about embodying God’s reconciliation in the world.

You want to see God’s kingdom come and his will done on earth as in heaven? Then let’s go seek the things of the kingdom on earth today.

Let us be people who extend mercy where the world seeks revenge.

Let us be people that recognize and extend help to the poor and hurting when the world steps over them.

Let us be people that seek peace when the world seeks violence.

Let us be people that share our resources when the world hoards.

Let us be rescued rescuers, joining the revolution that Christ began on Good Friday when he began to reverse the curse of sin and death. May we be people today who seek to live now as if God’s future world is a reality.

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