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Rabbit Growth

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We all know that rabbits reproduce like….well, like rabbits.  I have read that rabbit breeding season last 9 months out of the year with normal gestation being about 30 days and a litter being 4 to 12 rabbits.  That means in one breeding season, a female rabbit can have around 800 little rabbits running around.  Wouldn’t it be refreshing and effective to have churches that multiplied like rabbits?  There is something special, exciting, and holy about a large group of people gathering to worship and read God’s word, but true discipleship and change only comes through smaller gatherings.  Jesus chose 12 in his 3 year ministry, not 1200.  Who are you intentionally discipling today, that will disciple others, that will disciple others, etc.; rabbit style.  How much more would the Kingdom of God grow if we relied on personal accountability to discipleship, rather than expecting the Sunday morning assembly to do it?